Verified SRB POS Integration

Getting notices/warnings from SRB for business integration with Sindh Revenue Board? We, at POS Solutions Pakistan, are team certified professionals, providing Free SRB POS Integration in Sindh for restaurant, salon and other service oriented businesses.

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Business Integration with Sindh Board of Revenue (SRB)
  • An online real-time system for documentation of sales that connects the computerized sales system of service provider to SRB’s system through internet

  • A barcode or QR code automatically gets printed on the invoice generated through a sale by the service provider.

  • Customers can verify the sales tax payment through the SRB Tax App.

  • The system helps service provider in automatic preparation of sales tax returns and thereby reducing their expenditure.

  • The system has been running successfully at restaurants, salons and other service oriented businesses across Provence.

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How SRB POS Invoicing System works?
  • Customer visits checkout counter

  • Cashier creates an invoice

  • System request for SRB Invoice No.

  • SRB Invoice is created

  • Automatic Synchronization of fiscal data

  • System generates SRB QR-code / Barcode

  • Invoice is printed

  • Tax is collected from customer

  • Customer can verify invoice through SRB Tax App

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