POS on the go!

At home, on the road, or in your office, Websol Cloud POS software empowers you to manage your entire retail or restaurant business from anywhere.

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Work from anywhere on multiple devices

Need to manage your sale orders? Websol Business Management Cloud lets you do that from anywhere. Last-minute menu changes? With Websol Restaurant's cloud software, you don't need to be on-site to make it happen. Desktop, Laptop, iPad, or phone, your business follows you wherever you go.

Top Cloud POS in Pakistan Maximum Efficiency Online Business Management Online POS System

More productivity with less effort

Say goodbye to clunky servers that tie you down. Websol Business Management Cloud POS software keeps keeps your business with you wherever you go. Whether you have one location or one hundred, it's all on the cloud.

With the best Cloud POS software in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and all over Pakistan, your products, customers and orders are automatically synced everywhere. You’ll no longer need to keep multiple product records or rely on guesswork when it comes to inventory.

Advanced Performance Made Easy

In fact, Cloud POS keeps track of all your transactions and updates every little detail across all stores, registers and sales channels seamlessly.

Manage Your Workflow Easily
  • Keep track of customer information for enhanced service and outreach.

  • Receive alerts when you are running low on vital inventory and stock.

  • Generate reports using data that is collected and stored in real-time.

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Extremely Flexible

Discover powerful features to boost your productivity

Multiple Business Management

Cloud POS lets you manage all your busineses seamlessly through a single platform without any hinderance.

Protect your stock from theft

Stocks are being stolen? Stop it right now by smart inventory and recipe system. Tally your physical inventory with the software.

Sales Management

Register your daily sales easily using smart and interactive sales register (POS) and barcode scanner.

Purchases Management

Manage your Purchases, Vendor payments, Stock and Inventory more smartly and efficiently than ever before.

Product Management

Manage all your products, categorize them, assign unit of measure, per unit cost and selling price.

Supplier and Vendors

Manage your Suppliers easily. Maintain their contact information, pending payments, purchase orders etc.

Customer Management

Manage your customers easily, track their sales, send them promotions via SMS or Email or using Postal Address.

Business Expenses

Let Websol POS manages all expenses hurdles for you. Whether it be fixed expenses or variable, it manages all.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Websol Cloud POS is available at a subscription pricing, often in the form of a monthly fee – with little to no upfront costs for the retailer.

Set-up & Installation Fees
Rs 3,999 .99 /
Monthly Billing
Rs 2,999 .99 /
Add-on Location
Rs 1,999 .99 /

Get started with Business Cloud POS and improve your business.

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