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#1 Business Management, Accounting, POS, CRM & ERP System in Pakistan.

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All-in-one business solution

Get rid of manual paper work and taxation while Websol Muhasib performs all the essential tasks for your business. Websol Muhasib ERP is an All-in-One, One-window business management software solution in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all over Pakistan, providing powerful tools to business owners that enable them to scale their business quickly.

Whether it be inventory calculations, sales, purchase, expenses, customer ledger, supplier ledger, daily profit calculations or tax integration with federal, provincial or local bodies, Websol Muhasib caters all your business needs under one roof so you can grow and thrive.


We’re Better. Here’s Why…

Muhasib is designed to accomplish everyone’s business needs. Choose Muhasib which fulfills all the requirements of your business.

Multiple Business Management

Muhasib lets you manage all your busineses seamlessly through a single platform without any hinderance.

Protect your stock from theft

Stocks are being stolen? Stop it right now by smart batch-wise inventory manager. Tally your physical inventory with the software.

Sales Management

Record your Sales, Direct Sales (POS), Sales Orders, delivery against sales. Collect payments from customer

Purchases Management

Manage your Purchases, Purchase Orders (PO), GRN, Vendor Payments, Stocks & Inventory efficiently.

Product Management

Manage all your products, categorize them, assign unit of measure, per unit cost and selling price.

Supplier and Vendors

Manage your Suppliers easily. Maintain their contact information, pending payments, purchase orders etc.

Customer Management

Manage your customers easily, track their sales, send them promotions via SMS or Email or using Postal Address.

Accounting & Financials

Let Websol POS manages all accounting hurdles for you. Record payments, define accounts, create vouchers.

Interactive Reports, Analytics and BI

Get analytical. Slice and dice sales data in variety of ways to determine what products are selling best.

Tax Integration

Automate all your tax returns smoothly in realtime, integrated with goverment institutions.

What Makes Muhasib Different

Websol Muhasib ERP is a one-window, all-in-one platform for all businesses. It includes everything you need to efficiently manage your business.

Powerful Options

Websol POS does it all, Whether it be inventory calculations, sales, purchase, expenses, customer & supplier ledger, profit calculations.

Business Automation

Tired of managing your business manually maintaining old paper records? Automate it with our ready-made solutions.

Easy to Embed

Supports on-demand integration with different taxation authorities as well as with E-commerce websites.


Your payments are managed, every time

No matter the type of service, every successful business transaction ends with payment. Websol Muhasib is complete business management suite that offers powerful tools to manage business’s monetary transactions. It handles cash management, expenditures, payment disbursements and collections with powerful options like split-payments, transaction notifications and much more.

Businesses also have regular expenses to track and maintain. These include inventory purchases, vendor payments and utility expenditures. Muhasib helps you stay on top of these transactions.

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To Keep You Organized

For growing small and mid-sized retailers, distributors, & manufacturers, the need for advanced inventory and business management becomes increasingly apparent. Websol Muhasib ERP allows businesses to gain the advanced inventory management tools and capabilities they require.

  • Powerful Inventory Management

  • Multi-Inventory Locations / Warehousing

  • Batch-wise / Lot-wise Inventory

  • Manufacturing and Expiry

  • Inventory Re-order Levels & Threshold

  • Multiple Unit of Measure & Conversions

  • Bundle Items / Deals

  • Attributes, Serial No. & Price groups


Your set up, Your way - in each Location

Websol Muahsib is one of the most comprehensive platforms to manage your multi-location business the way you want it. Scale your multi-location business from one platform.

Muhasib gives you a complete comprehensive view of all your locations performance and analytics in real-time for one dashboard. You can easily switch between locations and take control of your business.

Create separate accounts for each location, have the same staff members access multiple locations, have class-packs and memberships shareable the way you want them to be.

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Accounting, POS, CRM & ERP Price in Pakistan

Get started to grow your business with Pakistan’s #1 Business Management system. We offer best, competitive and affordable Accounting, POS, CRM & ERP software pricing in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and all over Pakistan, starting from Rs. 1500/- only.

Websol Muhasib ERP Lite Starter Professional Ultimate Enterprise
Multi-Company Management
Centralize Company Management
B.I Reports
Sales Management
Sales Order Management
Quotation Management
Appointment Management
Temporary Sale Management
Comission Agent Management
Service Staff Management
Service Staff Advance Reporting
Supplier Management
Supplier Aging Payments
Purchase Management
Purchase Order Management
Customer Management
Customer Aging Invoices
Customer Credit Management
Customer Cheque Management
Bulk Payments Entry
Adjustment Inventory
Stock Management
Inventory Aging
Item Management
Item Advance Reporting
Bundled Items / Deals Management
Item Price Group Management
Expense Management
Voucher Management
Loyalty Program
Payment Accounts
Payment Funds Transfer
Payment Reversals
Financial Accounting (Double Entry Accounting)
Manufacturing Module
Production Orders / Work Processes
Hybrid (Offline/Online) (Multi Locations)
Multi Terminal
Multi lingual
Unlimited Terminals
Integration with third-party CRM, ERP
SMS Integration
E-mail Integration
E-commerce Integration On-demand On-demand On-demand On-demand
FBR Integration On-demand On-demand On-demand On-demand
SRB, BRA, PRA, KPRA, POS Integration On-demand On-demand On-demand On-demand
HRMS On-demand On-demand On-demand
Rs. 2500 /mo
Rs. 1500/mo
No upfront or setup charges
Rs. 5000 /mo
Rs. 3500/mo
No upfront or setup charges
Rs. 8000 /mo
Rs. 6500/mo
No upfront or setup charges
Rs. 10000 /mo
Rs. 8000/mo
No upfront or setup charges

Customized pricing as per requirements
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